C&A’s European Executive Board commissions further investigation into fire at Bangladeshi textile plant

“We feel a deep solidarity with the families affected”

C&A’s Head of Sustainable Business Development will travel to Bangladesh this week. The purpose of his visit is to gather further information first hand on the incident, and to discuss how best C&A can play its part in helping those families whose loved ones have died or have been badly injured as a result of this tragic fire. “It is of utmost importance to C&A to establish concrete facts surrounding the safety standards prior to the accident, as well as addressing the needs of the families”, said Thorsten Rolfes, Head of Corporate Communication of C&A Europe.

Yesterday it was reported that more than 100 people died and many others were injured in a fire at the eight-story textile factory of Tazreen Fashion. The company had been commissioned to manufacture 220.000 sweaters to be delivered to C&A Brazil between December and February. This was C&A’s first commission to Tazreen Fashion.

“C&A feels a deep sense of solidarity with the families of those who lost relatives at yesterday’s fire at Tazreen Fashion and of those injured during the accident”, Rolfes said.